Saturday, January 25, 2014

Defying the Laws of Physics

The beginning of February marks two major things: people scrambling to make Valentine’s Day or Anti-Valentine’s Day plans, and February is also the time many people abandon their New Year’s resolutions. 

In college, however, February marks the time of year that everyone is done with Syllabus week and classes have truly begun. The second semester can be tough, and is still just as busy as the first…even without football season, which seems impossible.  Luckily I stumbled across a venn diagram that helps put life into perspective. 

Here are quick tips on how to defy the laws of physics.

1.     Study. Study. Study: go out at night but do all studying and homework during the day, so when you go out you do not have worry about anything and you can have more fun. Also try leave at a somewhat reasonable time so you won’t look like a zombie the next morning, but if you don’t just buy really good concealer and 30 minute short naps are lifesavers and will make you feel wide awake.
2.    Get a workout partner: Make sure the person you workout with will push you and make you go everyday. When you workout you will feel more energized and will provide a productive study break.
3.    Choose Wisely: In college, Thursday is treated more like a weekend night than Friday.  So go out on Thursday’s, it is fun and only acceptable for the four years you are in college. However, going out on Thursday when you have a test on Friday is not the best idea. So, pick your nights wisely and DO NOT go out even when your friend begs saying “you will never remember the test but you will remember this night in 20 years.” This is false, I guarantee if you don’t remember failing a test in 20 years you will remember in 4 months when grades come out at the end of semester. Just don’t be dumb.
4.    8ams: Don’t do it. 8am classes will kill your social life, your sleep schedule, and pretty much your entire life. Coming from a girl who had an 8am everyday last semester…just don’t do it no matter how much of a morning person you are.

Good luck achieving the near impossible. 



  1. This is such a great post! I totally agree with the 8 ams- unfortunately I've had A LOT of them so far in my college career. I end up drinking a lot of Starbucks to get through the day :)


  2. So helpful, thank you! I'm going to college this year so I'll definitely try and keep the tips in mind :)


  3. Good advice! I never took 8 am classes! Such a bad idea lol!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  4. Thus far have been able to avoid 8ams, yikes!