Thursday, February 6, 2014

Living in a TSM World

Living the “frat” and “srat” lifestyle is the newest phenomenon that is not only sweeping through college campuses, but also taking over social media through websites such as TSM and TFM.

Sororities are absolutely wonderful organizations that have the ability to empower young women and are highly involved in charity work. However, they also have the ability to kill your vocabulary and give you unrealistic views of life.

For instance, what am I suppose do you when I graduate, and there is not a t-shirt offered for every minor life event?

Also, how am I expected to get ready for a party without looking through 100 closets and having my hair and makeup done for me? I no longer understand how I ever survived having personal space…because living with 100 girls, you are never alone.

When you rush or “go through recruitment” you are not only signing up for a sisterhood, but you are also joining a lifestyle. You are joining a lifestyle that is obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer, monograms, bows, football, themed parties (because why not celebrate Halloween every Thursday night), and most of all obsessed with each other…and pizza.

Luckily it doesn’t matter how much pizza you eat because no matter how small you are you will undoubtedly order a large or extra large t-shirt every time…because who wants to look like they are wearing pants anyway? The answer is no sorority girl ever.

Another amazing thing happens when you join a sorority, you gain an entire new vocabulary of words that you never knew existed because they aren’t located in the dictionary. Totes (totally), darty (party during the day that usually occurs on Stop days or snow days), sorority squat, frat (as an adjective to descried an individual), and adorbs (adorable but said either sarcastically or in a high pitched squeal).

However, no matter that you will suddenly feel an urge to wear your best pearls with your favorite shacker shirt or to “throw what you know” every time someone takes a picture, you will also develop lifelong friends, who you might at one point in your life begin to believe are your actual soul mates.

Are you loving living in a TSM world?


  1. Fun post about sororities. I never joined one, but it does seem like a fun way to make some great friends. Totes!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  2. Honestly the worst part about becoming alum is that I dont live in a house full of people to share closets with and have do my hair/makeup! Haha great post!

  3. awesome! I like your blog ❤
    I would be happy if we could follow each other??
    Let me know :)

    1. Ahh I would love to follow and keep in touch! Love your blog too girly.

  4. I never joined a sorority in college, but a lot of my friends were Greek, so I enjoyed a few of the perks, haha. :) Was a fun time!

    Great post!